Thursday, 1 November 2012

Aidan’s Second Book Review
Shattering Glass
Written by: Gail Giles

“Has he forgiven himself for what he did? No. Will he ever? I doubt it. Will he ever forget what he did? Never.” Simon Glass was like every other nerd, he was hated, mistreated, lonely and brushed aside. He wore very short pants with the zipper about an inch from the top, his shirt was tucked into his Fruit of the Loom underpants which rode over his pants. Everyone thought he was a loser until Rob Hayne enrolled in BrazoVale High School. Rob, a transferred student, quickly reached the top of the social ladder in the senior class and he has huge life changing plans for Simon. Rob’s mission is to transform corpulent, repulsive Simon into a trendy, witty person that wins Class favourite of the year. As Simon starts moving up the social pyramid, a new side of him starts to be revealed, a more confident one where he starts making his own decisions for once. Simon soon uncovers a dark secret which changes everything and the result of the change is brutal.

The book “Shattering Glass” written by Gail Giles is a disturbing, suspenseful story that tells the life of Simon Glass in senior year through the perspective of Young Steward. This first person book was a brilliantly written piece of literature and it was very unique how the suspense was built off of Rob and his mysterious past. Also how the climax of the story occurs at the very end, which keeps you hanging. I enjoyed how at the beginning of every chapter there was a quote from people that were related to the people who were in the incident. If you read every one of the quotes carefully, you can put all the statements and opinions in the quotes together and find out exactly what happened to Simon Glass. I appreciated this because it’s something new that I have never seen before and that they don’t tell you what happens but the jist of it. The book is full of action, language and plot that will make you keep turning the pages until you have reached the end. Young Steward; the protagonist and narrator, seemed just like me, he is athletic, had good grades, strict parents and is more of a follower. This book really taught/showed me how doing what you want to do instead of being a sheep and following the herd, may not be encourage by the your friends or other followers and the leader, but it what’s you want to do and is what you believe is morally right. Also it really taught me that peer pressure is a major thing that occurs quite a bit in a teenager/young adult life and that caving into peer pressure and being a follower can be good or bad based on the circumstance. Gail Giles did an amazing job on describing the life of a teenager and how popularity can kill a person inside and cause lots of stress. I thought Young Steward was perfect for the role of the narrator because he kept a lot of things inside, but he did show his feeling towards things. I took great advice from the things that happened to the characters especially to Simon, and Young. I would recommend “Shattering Glass” for High school students or kids that are dealing with popularity issues because it talks about betrayal, trust, honesty, the value of life and that popularity doesn’t mean anything.  

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  1. Aidan,
    I think you book review a amazing. You had a really good choice of words. You had a lot of descriptive sentences which gives me a really good understanding on what the book is about. I am really looking forward to reading this!
    - Inaara :)