Friday, 8 February 2013

Litspiration Challenge 2
Letter to the Author
Series: The Maze Runner Series
Author: James Dashner

Dear James Dashner,
            I’m an eighth grade student who just recently finished the fourth book in the series, The Kill Order. I enjoyed the series from start to end. The first day I bought the Maze Runner book I got so intrigued about the book that I finished it the same day. I love your writing style and the amazing story you created. What inspired you or gave you the idea to create the series? I was amazed by how much consideration you put into many characters especially Thomas. He was my favorite character in the series and in the prequel how you incorporated the snippet of how Thomas went into the maze, I believe was a great way to end the prequel. One thing I didn’t like about “Kill Order” is that many character other than Mark and Alec, were very flat like Darnell, Misty, Toad and Trina. All the books were perfect length (not too short or too long) and all of them also contained lots and lots of action, especially the Death Cure and the Scorch Trials. The surreal setting you created in the book “Kill Order” was truly terrific. I honestly think that the world/setting you created in the book was a great portray of what our future could look like if we don’t change our ways of living and reduce our ecological footprint. I also thought that you made Mark and Thomas were very similar due to the fact that they were both put into “out of this world” situations and felt many of the same feelings. Also because they both experienced deaths and most of them were people that they were close to, but Thomas was and always will be confused about his life and childhood before the maze. The amount of detail and thought you put into the story was outstanding. This has been the best series I have ever read so far in my life. I hope you write another series of books soon and really look forward to them. Books and series like The Maze Runner are the reasons why I still read lots and have a passion in reading too.  Thank you and keep writing.



  1. I wonder if he will respond? That would be cool!

  2. This was very good And i think it was original because I haven't seen anyone else do a letter to the author. It't really great how you asked Questions and stated your likes and dislikes. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey Aidan! I really liked your letter and I think it was very good and I bet if you sent this to him he would respond. You were very descriptive and detailed in your letter and I also liked that you asked him questions. i really like you background and it looks like you put allot of effort into this letter. Great job!

  4. Hi Aidan,

    Holy cow! That was such an amazingly written letter to the author. As Ms. Groeller said, it would be awesome if the author replied. I think he would defiantly be amazed at how mature your writing sounds. You certainly put a great amount of effort in this letter and you show that in all of your work. Great job! Now since I have never read the book myself, what would be your favourite part out of all of the books? Did you have a favourite character that you really connected with?
    Amazing work, keep it up!