Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Individual Post #1

Hello everybody that reads my blog, when I created it in Humanities at the beginning of the year (La and Social) it was for book reviews and litspiration challenges. After term 2 of the year for the last home stretch our teacher has decided us to start a new project. This project is called the "Scorpion Project" and it consists of reading chapters of the book then writing individual posts on the connections, questions and discoveries we made. These will be on my blog, but that is only half the project, the other half will occur on On that blog there will be roundtable conversations about the book and three litspiration challenges on these three thing, setting, characterization and theme (literary elements we learned this year). The scorpion project is on the book "The house of the Scorpion" by Nancy Farmer. Today we will start reading the book and from what I have heard it is terrific. All I know so far is it is about a cloned person of El Patron (leader of a drug empire that is in between of the United States and Mexico), who is named Matt. Some questions that have risen are why does the book have a family tree in the front and include the cast of characters? Another question which I have been pondering is what does the scorpion represent or what is it metaphorically showing? I can't wait until we get the project going because I'm very interested in the book and doing the round table discussions because it sounds like you hear everyones different point of view on the book and can express yours to 3-4 different people. The only thing I think that may be a problem for our group is that I don't think we will be able to do it perfectly because theres no scripts it just whatever on your mind about the book, so there will probably be lots of editing to do which is not so enjoyable to do. Most of the project seems very new, so I can't wait for later today when we start it. I thank all of the people that read my blog and will continue reading it during the new project. Thank you!

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