Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Individual Post #2: Thoughts so Far

I am eight chapters in so far and it keeps getting better and better. Before I started this project I thought the round table conversations were going to be very difficult and there would be lots of editing, but if you know the book really well and have some ideas and questions about it is very easy and it flows like a normal conservation. Many characters have been introduced in the first eight chapters and I think that answers the question on why Nancy Farmer included the cast of characters, but I am still wondering though, who is the antagonist? The only antagonist I can think of so far is the society he lives in. The reason why I am saying that, is due to the fact that almost everybody in the book treats Matt like garbage and think that he is the same as an animal/creature just because he is a clone. In my perspective I see clones as actual people and I would treat them respectively if they actually existed. I wonder why though that Maria sees Matt as a normal kid when everyone else doesn't even though she does call him a clone/eejit sometimes. The only reason I can think of why Maria doesn't see him as a creature is because she hasn't been greatly affected by the society yet that she lives in. Another thing I'm still wondering about is what time frame is this occurring in because they talk about having microwaves and coloring books which represents more present time, but then there is this idea of cloning, which is more futuristic. An idea that my group came up with is that the book could be occurring in a parallel universe. I found that so far, many characters are pretty flat, other than the more important ones like Matt and that there has been no sign or little sign on what the theme of the story could be. I think the theme will have something to do with equality though because it talks a lot about peoples opinion on clones and how they are not equal to normal people, but I could be wrong. I can't wait to read more of the book and find out what El Patron has in store for Matt because I have inferred that he may want to use him for body parts because he is always making sure he it fine and not hurt and he left him a body guard to keep him safe.

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  1. Glad to hear your initial concerns about the novel and project are being allayed!