Monday, 13 May 2013

Individual Post #5: Narrative Structure

In this post I will be talking about the narrative structure in the novel, “The House of the Scorpion”. The moment Matt was born out of a Cow the exposition started. I thought the exposition was not too long or too short, but I would have like it to describe more about the society in Opium and outside of it. The exposition was mainly just describing Celia’s house and Matt’s early isolated life and his thoughts regarding being isolated and not getting to go outside into the poppy fields and play. The exposition quickly changes into the rising action, once the kids reappear at the window and Matt decides to break the window and leap out. I thought it started to die down as he was stuck in the sawdust room in the Alacran Mansion, but then it quickly picks up as he left with a bodyguard (Tam Lin) and Rosa is yelled at and gets taken away. The story starts to pick up again as he discovers more secrets about Opium and himself. Once he starts to realize he true purpose I thought the story was reaching towards the climax and as he was strapped down into the bed for the heart transplant I thought it was at the climax or at least one of the highest peaks of the story.

Then the story started to die down again, as he was not needed for the transplant and escaped out of Opium toward Aztlan. As soon as I thought the action was going to die down even more he suddenly reaches Aztlan and the rising action starts up again as he barely makes it through the guards into Aztlan. The action starts rising even more as he and Fidelito get physical abused for Matt not contributing on things he did wrong that day and as escape from the Bone yard and then the plankton factory. As soon as he reached the convent and agreed to fly back to Opium I felt like the story was reaching it climax and then as he pressed his hand on the screen to land and got off the hovercraft I thought the story reached its climax. For me, it felt like this was the main climax, but I felt like there was more than just one. Right after the climax the falling action seemed to occur right away and this was when he was talking to Celia and hearing about the Dragons Hoard and how it includes not only treasure and El Patron, but also the family. Right after the falling the action, the resolution occurred where Matt found another entrance to the dragon hoard. I felt like the Climax and rising action was suspenseful and exciting, but I did not like the falling action and resolution as much because it seemed really rushed and it left me with many unanswered questions. I thought the ending could have been better if the falling action could have included some information about the characters and what they did for the 3 months Opium was under lockdown for. Overall the narrative structure was pretty good, other than the rushed ending.

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