Monday, 13 May 2013

Individual Post #6: Film Study

In this post I will be comparing and contrasting protagonists from the film, Gattaca and the novel, The house of the Scorpion. I thought they were quite similar even though they film and the movie are about totally separate things and the reason why is because no matter how smart and kind Vincent and Matt were, they were still not accepted by the society due to that Matt was a clone and Vincent had a 99% chance of heart failure. Also because for the early years of their life they always considered themselves lesser than someone, for example Vincent always considered himself lesser than his brother Anton and Matt always considered himself lesser than everyone in the Alcran family. However later on in their lives they were able to overcome that and show the society and their rivals that they are nor less then them, but the same or more. Another similarity is that they both had someone that greatly influenced their lives like for Matt, El Patron and for Vincent, Jerome and without both of them Matt would not have existed and Vincent wouldn’t have been able to join Gatteca without his fake identity. I also noticed that the protagonists became involved with a female character through out the story and film, but when they found out the truth about the protagonists they were disgusted. After a course of events though they both learned that they are normal humans beings and help the protagonist overcome the antagonist. Some differences I found were that Matt was a copy from the start and Vincent became a copy of somebody else after his birth. Also that they wanted the opposite things, for example Vincent wanted to be a copy of someone to be able to join Gatteca and Matt didn’t want to be a clone, but a normal human being because the society in Opium saw them as a “Good for nothing animal” (Farmer 39). In the end though the society starts to see them as the same, not as invalids or clones and both the protagonists overcome the impossible or what the society believes was impossible and the movie and novel ends with the protagonists finding their destiny. For example in the film at the end, the man still lets Vincent onto the spaceship even though he comes up as an invalid and Vincent goes to live his dream and in the novel, Esperanza treats Matt like a normal human being even though he is a clone and flies him over to Opium to become the new reigning drug lord.

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