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Individual Post #8: Theme

In this post I will be talking about the theme/themes of the novel. My group found it quite difficult to pick a short and related theme statement. By the end of the discussion we finally picked the topic of the theme to be Morality and the theme statement to be the differences of morality and it's influences. Here are some quotes we found from the novel that relates to this:

““Saint Francis would take a dog to church,” Maria said in a clear, high voice. Where had she come from? Matt turned to find her right behind him. She was even more beautiful close up. “Saint Francis took a wolf to church,” she said, “He loved all animals.” “Maria,” groaned Emilia, who wasn’t far behind. “Dada will have a fit when he finds out what you’re doing””
(Farmer 154)

““Father decided implants were immoral,” said Mr. Alacran, “And I honoured his decision.” A sudden intake of breath around the table told Matt that Mr. Alacran had said something dangerous. “He’s deeply religious. He thinks God put him on earth for a certain number of years and that he mustn’t ask for more.” El Patron stared at Mr. Alacran for a long moment. “I’ll overlook your rudeness,” he said at last.” (Farmer 106)

“I love you," Matt said.
I love you, too," Maria replied. "I know that's a sin, and I'll probably go to hell for it."
If I have a soul, I'll go with you," promised Matt.
(Farmer, 222)

“No one can tell the difference between a clone and a human. That's because there isn't any difference. The idea of clones being inferior is a filthy lie.”
(Farmer, 245)

“Give things . . .  away?” he cried in the voice of a man one hundred years younger. “Give things away? I can’t believe I heard that! What have they been teaching you!”
(Farmer, 184)

“Was it wrong to blow twenty men to smithereens? El Patron wouldn’t have worried one second over it. Tam Lin had tried to blow up the English prime minister, but he’d killed twenty children instead.
Murder is wrong, Brother Wolf, said a voice in Matt’s mind. He sighed. “
(Farmer, 312)

“...Only you must promise me that once you’re in control, you’ll destroy the opium empire and tear down the barrier that has kept Aztlan and the United States apart for so long.”
(Further down the page)
He (Matt) guessed that Esperanza cared less about her daughters than her desire to destroy Opium.
(On the next page)
He (Matt) understood the full extent of it now. It wasn’t only the drug addicts throughout the world or the illegals doomed to slavery. It was their orphaned children responsible for the Keepers.
“I promise,” he (Matt) said.
(Farmer, 367-368

"You aren't evil, only [...]"

"Only what?"

"You don't have a soul, so you can't be baptized. All animals are like that." (Farmer,159)
"What Matt hated about the creature was everyone´s assumption that he and Furball were the same.  It didn’t matter that Matt had excellent grades and good manners.  They were both animals and thus unimportant (Farmer, 85).

“Listen to me,” said Celia. “El Patron had ruled his empire for one hundred years. All that time he was adding to his dragon hoard, and he wanted to be buried with it. Unfortunately”- Celia stopped and wiped her eyes- “Unfortunately, the dragon hoard included people.” (Farmer, 375-376)

In the story everyone’s’ morals in Opium are completely different from the rest of the world. As with people moralities in Opium are different as well. It seemed like El Patron had affected people’s decisions and morals in what is right in Opium because he got everyone to believe that cloning is correct and that clones are not humans, but animals. Around the rest of the world though, at least in Aztlan and the US they believe cloning and creating eejits is not correct. For example in the chapter, A Five Legged Horse, Raul tells everybody how a horse with five legs would not function properly and to resolve the problem you would cut off the fifth legged. Then he asks if anyone has a question and Matt responds with, ““Why don’t you put a computer chip in the horse’s brain? Then it wouldn’t matter how many legs it had.” A gasp went around the room. “Are you saying---?” the keeper stopped as though he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Are you suggesting we turn the horse into a zombie?” (Farmer 274). Matt only said this because eejits were always created in Opium ““to do boring jobs.”” (Farmer 147). Maria was another character in Opium that felt differently on things, for example she believed Matt should be allowed inside the church, but the priest and other family members thought otherwise because they believe he was an “unbaptized limb of satin.” (Farmer 154). The Keepers thought that labor should be shared equally among the workers and that they earned relaxation, while as the workers (kids) would definitely beg to differ. As you can see from all above that many societies and people had different Morals and they influenced people differently. I believe this is my last post for the novel and I thank everyone, who spared their time to read them.

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