Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dear Readers

Hello everyone that reads and follows my blog. Sorry I have not posted anything in awhile over summer, I was busy on vacation. During my summer vacation I read several books. I read: "Dark Inside", "Rage Within" (second book of that series), "Variant", "FeedBack" (second book of that series) and lots of articles in the newspaper. I am currently reading a novel called "Ashes, Ashes, Ashes" and the Drivers Ed book, so I can hopefully get my learners soon. Out of the several books I read over the summer, my favourite would have to be "Dark Inside" because it was an intriguing, epic story about the world turning into chaos.  I was excited to realize that there was a second book after I finished the first. Hopefully the third book gets published soon so I can read more of this great series and figure out what happens in the end and to the world. I wished I read a couple other book this summer because I really want to read the "Life of Pi" and "The Enders Game" but there was a variety of other things I had to accomplish. I will be writing more litspiration posts through out this school year and one should be coming up soon. I hope everyone that is reading this had a terrific summer and you still will read my blog in the months to come. Thank you readers!

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