Saturday, 28 September 2013

Short Story

Hello readers and followers, through my school I have had the chance to go to the Marine Biology Centre in Bamfield. We went for a week and it was by far the most terrific field trip I have ever been on. While we were there we had to read a short story, write many haikus and read a excerpt from a book for humanities.

The short story "Sea Devil" by Arthur Gordon was very action packed. The protagonist was described briefly, but never had a name and I think the author did this because he felt the protagonist wasn't as important compared to the message of the story. Also that he wanted the reader to use their imagination and put themselves in the protagonist shoes. There was a bit of foreshadowing I think to the theme which I conjured was empathy. This was the overall message/theme because when he was dragged in the water by the sea ray he realized that he was put to death the same death as the mullet he caught. The protagonist was changed after this moment and he was changed into a more caring person. When I put myself in the mans shoes I really thought about many things going on in our world and that if it is fair for the other biotic thing such as caging animals. I think my teachers chose this short story because it was located in a sea and that is where we are too. I predict the excerpt will have something to do with the ocean as well. 

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