Friday, 25 October 2013

Global Issue Novel Study Post #1

This week we started a new project called the Global Issue Novel Study. I will be reading a book that has a global issue in it and then writing posts and doing roundtable discussions to talk about what is going on in the book. The book I chose to read is "God Grew Tired Of Us" by John Bul Dau. After reading about 20% of the novel I figured out that the global issue being expressed in the story is about refugees and war victims in Sudan. Here is one part in the story so far that talks about refugees, "The refugees told us terrible stories. They had trekked to Duk Payuel from the north and west, running of foot in front of advancing armies that had burned and shelled and destroyed everything they encountered." (John Bul Dau, 42). He also talks about what happens to war victim who don't escape from the Djellabas "The refugees in our village said the Djellabas had killed young boys and abducted and raped young girls. Some of the abducted females were sold into slavery, they said" (John Bul Dau, 44). 

The reason why I chose this book for the Global Issue Novel Study is that, I already know a little bit about Sudan and many problems that have occurred more recently. I only know this though because last year in an elective called "Me to We"we had to make a short video explaining the health and food crisis in South Sudan. Another reason why I chose this book is that my librarian sold me on it. At the beginning of the project I had no clue what book I was going to chose and I was leaning towards "The Grapes of Wrath", but I went and talked to her about all the book choices and she got my attention with this one. I can't wait to read more of this spectacular book to answer some questions I have been pondering: what happened to his mother and brothers, where is he going to head next and what is going to happen next to him? 

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