Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Gins Post #6


The Charter we have created is showing what we think should be implemented into a world wide Charter of Rights and Freedoms like the one Canada has. This Charter is a combination of what we have learned and what we could see change in today’s modern world.

The Worldwide Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Freedom of Expression
You have the freedom to express your thoughts as long as it doesn’t harm another person
Freedom of Religion
You can follow what ever religion of beliefs you desire.
Freedom of Mobility
The Freedom to move freely between countries unless suspended by criminal charges. The Freedom to move when your country is at war.
Right to Internet Access
People must have access to 10 Mb/s internet in major cities and small towns
Right to live free of Poverty
You will be supplied with the basics for like (ie. Water food toiletry and health services)
Right to Employment
You have the right to sustain life by getting a job anywhere in the world
Right to Government Transparency
The government should let all the citizens know about
Freedom to hold and organize Peaceful Assembly

Right to not be discriminated by race, gender, age, physical and mental disabilities, beliefs, anything.

Right to be free of slavery in any part of the world.  

Right to not be forced into military services
Mandatory military service should not be mandatory. (I’m looking at you, North Korea!)
The right to be educated in your country’s main languages towards primary and secondary education
The right to education for 12 years to prepare them for their future careers and possibly post secondary. The rights to receive education in the your country’s main languages. ex: Canada- French and English
The right to not be arrested, imprisoned and searched unless there is reason and evidence backed up by law
(Self explanatory) Fair trial.
The freedom to own land
As long as taxes corresponding to that country’s standards you may own chunks of land in your home country and other countries if it is allowed in those countries

In class today we had to create a Charter of Rights and Freedoms for the world. Unfortunately we only got some rights and freedoms down which if this was the real document, there would be quite a few more, but still it has many of the major and vital rights and freedoms entrenched in it. We did debate on some of the ideas (rights and freedoms) because some of my peers thought that there shouldn’t be any voting rights because each country handles and runs the government and country differently. I disagreed with them because I believe a democratic society is key to having a fair and well working society/country because everyone can run for the election as well everyone has the right to vote. Also that all the countries should run on a democratic society. We also argued about making some rights and freedoms more concise and how there should be a right that people should be free from poverty. I disagreed with this as well because; one it is very far fetched as well as it should not be a right if it actually was implemented it should be a fundamental freedom. Food and water, services and toiletries should be a given because their our are basic needs as human beings.

During the creation we also talked quite about our global issue and how we could fix it or diminish it with the worldwide charter of rights and freedoms. My global issue is, refugees and illiteracy and if their was a right or freedom to be educated at least at a primary and secondary level many countries would not be any where close to how illiterate they were before like South Sudan. As well as I thought a good one would be that everyone has the right to travel safely and take cover in a neighboring country during the time of a war occurring in their country. This right though could cause many problems though because if too many refugees entered the neighboring country it could become over populated. Overall I believe the rights and freedoms we added would greatly enhance the world, but if this were actually the charter for the world, it would need a lot other rights and freedoms.

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