Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Gin Post #7: Free Write

Today in class we received an allotted amount of time to write a free post in the shoes of the Gin's character. I wrote my free post in his shoes when the war was occurring, talking about his feelings and his daily life. This post is showing my empathy towards John Bul Dau.

Free Post:
Every day that I wake I am running from the war occurring in my hometown South Sudan. I travel to many different places to stay alive traveling to the next “safe” zone (refugee camp) with little to none food. I am so happy that North American organizations send us supplies such as blankets, food, and clothes. I find it depressing that all the refugees including me need to trade in these supplies for more food. I wish my life could just be like how it was before the war, where I could spend time with my family and friends, while practicing my traditions. I am grateful for the education I am receiving at some of the refugee camps because me and almost everyone else is illiterate and don’t know much about the world. I can’t wait for my opportunity in some ways to leave South Sudan. I don’t want to leave my friends and family behind, but sometimes you got to do what you got to stay alive. The most visualized and agreed on fact of life is surviving, but I think having a fun and memorable experience is also and should be part of this world wide accepted belief. If I ever had the opportunity to leave, I know I would have the ability to start a new life and pursue new opportunities and keep some of the old, but I know that once I take refugee in another country I will want to inform others and take action to help my friends and family. Without them I would not be the same person am today and I believe every human should have the right to life, liberty and security. I don’t know when the war will be over and I will be able to stop hiding and taking settlements in various places, but I do know that this war will not affect my core values of my family, the community that has been created and standing up for what is right.

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