Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Touching Spirit Bear Post #1

Today in class we were asked to right a well formed paragraph that answered various questions that connect to both the book and the unit we are learning, which is the YCJA, Youth Criminal Justice Act. In the book, Cole (protagonist) is in a justice circle where volunteers and people that have been affected and the victim and offender have discussions on how Cole Matthews could be rehabilitated and reintegrated back into society where he can actively live as a global citizen. I think if I was part of the justice circle with Cole Matthews, I would dwell on his past and see that his dad always beat him for no reason and then his no better mom would watch in horror, but not act. She truly acted like she was stuck behind a window where she could see everything, but not be able to stop the beating. Also Cole Matthews never really had anyone who cared for him or acknowledge him for his achievements. After knowing his past and what he has been through my decision would be to not send him to jail or sentence him, but make him do 50 hours or more of community service and make him write a apology letter and face his victim in the same room showing him what he has done. I also would have agreed on what the others (Edwin, Garvey, Coles mom/dad, Peter and etc) appointed, which is to hold a healing circle/justice circle which is just like a restorative program, while reflecting on the events and solutions and to send him to an isolated island alone. The reason why I would have agreed with these programs/solutions for Cole is due to that the programs will help him heal and positively change his direction of life.

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